buy a locker - commercial usage


If you manage a car park, transport station or other premises and would like to find out more about our bike lockers please contact us at

Remember, people are more likely to visit your premises if they are bicycle friendly. That means more than having a railing or tree for them to padlock their bike to. Bike lockers are compact, six can fit on one car park space. Not only do they have a low unit cost, the rental is also a possible source of revenue.

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buy a locker - personal usage


When you need an individual Bike Locker for your home, apartment or office, our ready assembled Bike Locker comes complete and just requires the ground bolts that we supply to be bolted to the ground.

We supply the Bike Locker, the Padlock and the Ground Bolts all delivered to your door. It’s that simple. The Bike Locker measures 1825 mm high, 715mm wide and 1150mm deep. It is galvanised and colour powder coated in racing green.

To get more detail please email us at or call us on +353 87 644 23 22

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